LR Heritage Cap Nvy

SR200.00 SR140.00

Made with 100% Ottoman cotton, this cap boasts subtle contrast elements and features a Heritage logo on the front. Also includes metal finish fastening and map print lining.


We all love a bit of sun but when it’s so bright you can’t see it becomes an irritant, with this 5 panel cap you can provide yourself with a bit of respite and shade yourself from the heat. You will be able to provide further weather protection for yourself as it’s made from 100% waxed cotton. Amongst all of the practical perks of this men’s cap you can choose from either brown or blue to add stylistic purpose to your outfit. Achieve a cool casual look when you match it with a pair of shorts and a t-shirt to complete the perfect summer outfit. With an adjustable strap you will be able to wear it loose for extra ventilation or tighten it when strong winds threaten to blow it away.